IUPAC CCE 徵求 Logo 設計

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IUPAC CCE 徵求 Logo 設計


n  國際純粹化學與應用化學聯盟(IUPAC)化學教育委員會(CCE)徵求 Logo 設計






n  The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE) needs a logo.

This committee coordinates the educational interests of IUPAC bodies with activities worldwide. Its roles include the monitoring of chemistry education activities throughout the world, and disseminating information relating to chemical education, including the public appreciation of chemistry.


We invite students to design a logo that re acts the work of this committee.


Submissions should be made (as a pdf or gif le) to Suzanne Boniface. suzanne.boniface@vuw.ac.nz and include:

-Your name, school (university) name, grade or year, and country

-50-100 words describing the concept of the design

-The competition closes on 30 June 2014

-$100 (USD) prize



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